I was on a seven-hour federal case yesterday.  At about 6:30 or so, that warning came on on the iPads saying there is no battery life left.  One of them went dead.  Attorneys are not always happy when that happens.

The power cords are never long enough to plug them in.  I charge them at night and they have 100% power when I go into a realtime job.  

Anyone know how to make the battery life last longer?  I only have the brightness turned up half way, so that's not an issue.

I thought iPads are supposed to have a long battery life.  So frustrating.

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   I think it's possible to buy longer cords.  Otherwise, just charge up at lunch.

I've had the attorneys take the iPads at lunch into their office to read the testimony.  That makes it tough.  

Then give them the cord and tell them to charge it.  They should be able to handle it.  I think batteries get old on iPads, but I don't know anything about replacing them.  Maybe that's an option.

Both of these iPads are brand new.  I just bought them a few months ago.  The batteries should not be old yet I wouldn't think.

I only have an iPhone to compare it to, but I dump all my background apps.  Not sure if it's the same on the iPads, but pressing the button twice fast pops up everything that's running.

Wikihow also says to turn off anything with data polling like location services and to turn off Spotlight.  I'm not sure if your realtime connection needs either of those, though.

Take an extra power strip.  Tell them to plug in if the battery is running low.

Yeah, I guess that's the only option.  Too bad.  Was so convenient not to have any power cords on the table and just have the iPads sitting there.

A lot of conference tables have outlets in them now.  I have my iPads charged when we start.  I have the power cords plugged in to the iPads but not the outlet.  I tell the attorneys before we start, "If you start to run out of power, feel free to plug it in."

I do remember Janet posting something about longer power cords that are available for the iPad.  I don't think they are very expensive. 

I plugged it into the table power and didn't realize the power in the table didn't work.  So frustrating.  

Kelly, go to Amazon and buy the ten foot long iPad cords or if you want, the six footer.  I keep my iPads plugged in with the extra long cord the whole time at a job.  iPads go out much faster in a realtime session.  Make sure you buy the right kind, either older version or the new lightening bolt (smaller connector) that's for the newer iPads.   That will solve the problem!  


Thanks, Lorraine.  I need to do that for sure.  Too bad.  Loved that they were not plugged in and don't take up much room.

I have a portable battery that I carry with me for a back up to my cell phone or device.  It has two USB ports on the back so you can plug any device into it.  I use it for my Ipad as well as my tablet and smartphone.  Mine is called a Snow Lizard but there are many brands.  There are so many occasions when there is not a power outlet and this fits in the palm of your hand and is ultra portable.

Here is a link to one on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Snow-Lizard-Power-Charger-White-7000/dp/B006G... 

Best purchase ever!!


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