I'm wondering if anyone has thought of a clever method to keep track of on-the-record time spent during a deposition.   I notice with the new rules, I am asked this question often. 

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I use the timer/stopwatch feature on my cell phone. Must be diligent about remembering to pause/restart for breaks!

You can use your stopwatch with your iPhone.  That's what I do.  You hit the "start" button and it starts counting the time and just hit stop when there's a break, start again when you're back on the record.  It works great.  You just have to remember to stop it at the breaks.  At first, I'd forget.

Since Eclipse basically tracks every word in timestamp, I just look at the timestamp of the off the record and back on the record...total up the break minutes, then subtract  that from the start time and end time. you can go to any word in the transcript and see what time you stroked it, ie, "off the record"

Seems like way more work than is needed.

no, not really..I don't have to remember to turn off or on a stop watch.. I just note the times on a paper and add them up.  I can do it during the breaks..what works for some may not for others...and you get into a habit like you do with your stopwatch

I used to struggle doing it that way before I figured out the iPhone had a stopwatch.  I was never that great at math.  You add up the minutes and divide by 60?  I used to add it up on breaks, but I don't think I was quite as precise as the stopwatch way.  You're right, though, you do have to remember to pause it and turn it back on, which I sometimes forget.

Shift+Cntrl+K in Eclipse WHILE IN THE FILE will take you to the Timekeeper.  Then all you have to do is opt in/out the paragraphs types you want it to include/exclude and you get an instance total time on the record.  There's a similar function in Catalyst but someone who is on that software will have to give directions on that one

That's cool.  I always wondered how you'd set that up.  That way, you don't even have to remember to pause it, I guess, because the software does it for you.  Love it!!  I'm going to try it on my job tomorrow.

Does Eclipse stop recording when there is a break and you stop typing?  I'm going to try to remember to try this today.  Forgot last week.

Case Catalyst has a feature where you can turn on/off a timer linked to your steno strokes.  I am sure Eclipse has it too.  Basically every time I type Q.  the timer starts.  when I stroke (Recess taken.)  or (Off the record discussion.) the timer stops.


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