Kelli, please IP block pascalina derek . . . it is a bot!!!

Everyone is going to get spammed.  She is not a real person, but a program.

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This bot will spam every single member on this site!  Ugh!
Count me as one....
How do you block this? I don't see anywhere were I can block this from coming in.

Sorry, everyone


I set it up so that I had to approve everyone but I let another member help me out and they approved this person not knowing what to look for.  I deleted them.


The only other way I can stop them is to charge access to the website.  Then, of course, they won't want to have access.

I don't know what else to do.

Kelli, I think a small fee for the site is acceptable.  You do a lot for us.  I'd love to contribute.



You are already a member, so you don't have to pay anything.  I only made it paid access because of the damn spammers I am dealing with.  There is no way they would pay to have access.  This should solve the problem. 

Oh, I know that.  But you do spend money to have this site and it often provides us work.  So if you did decide to charge, I'm all for it.

I am actually implementing a $49.95 charge for the cover depo groups for Bay Area and LA, for the whole year, and New York.  If you pay for the Bay Area group, you get to use all the cover depo groups in the Bay Area.  If you pay for the cover depo group for LA, you get to join or send job offers to all the groups in Southern California. 


The fee adds up to 2.08 per month over the year, which is nothing.  Can't even get a cup of coffee for that.

Yeah, I have to start billing at some point since I am now out of pocket over $30,000 in expenses including attorney fees.  Can't do it for free.  I will go broke.

I think that is SO VERY REASONABLE!  You have to.  Unless you start accepting advertising, that is the only way to make some of the money back and to keep this place running.  So both the reporters and the firms would have to pay the fee?  or just the firms sending out job requests? 


If you posted about this somewhere, just direct me to the reading material. ;)

No, both reporters and firms pay the $49.95.  I have not posted it yet because I am in the process of setting it up.  Reporters are getting work and making money off this website; I don't see why they cannot pay a small fee.
Why are you only charging fees for LA, Bay Area, and NY?
I assume they are the most active groups for job offers, which would make sense to charge for them in order to generate any money.


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