Has anyone changed out their own key tops, say, from wide to standard or vice versa?

I just got a new Passport writer and it has a double wide asterisk, which I do not want.  I would like to swap it out for a single wide.

I've heard or read that it can be done DIY, but I would like some instruction if possible.


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I just got a new Diamante and I got the double-wide asterisk.  I had the single wide on my previous writer.  I like the double wide.  I'm sure you can send it back to Advantage and they will swap it out for you for a fee.

Well, I didn't order the double wide, but I don't want to be without my writer.  I have a a gen one Passport and I can take the key off that.  I'm looking for instructions to swap if anyone knows.


I'm sorry, I did not read your post closely enough.  I have seen people post about this on Facebook and seen people post that have tried this on their own.  I believe they bent the bars on their machine and had to send the machine in to be repaired.

Yes, I know I could damage my writer.  I wanted to test the waters and see if it was possible to DIY.  I'm not planning on doing anything to change keys, unless and until someone informs me that the were able to do it successfully without causing harm to writer. 

The good news is Advantage will replace key tops for free.  The bad new is it takes seven to ten business days.



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