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Looking for a new mike and wanted to know of your favorites.  I saw some posts back in January and wondering if that microphone is still good and what you all like.    I prefer USB and no battery.


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This is the best microphone I've ever had.  It is USB, no battery.  It picks up witnesses that I struggle to hear and have to interrupt.  I got mine on eBay for $98.  Here is a link to it: 



These can by daisy chained with the traditional mics made from this company if you are in a large courtroom, meeting room. 


There are generics on Amazon that have no writing on the microphone.  Those don't have good reviews.

CM-1000USB PC Conference Microphone with Daisy Chain Capablity CVI

CM-1000USB Microphone
This omni-directional conference microphone picks up clear audio with a 360 degree range. Its rubber feet keep it in place and a female stereo jacks on the back of the microphone allows you to daisy-chain up 3 standard CM-1000s to ensure a wider range of coverage. It has a USB plug.
The advantage of the DAC CM-1000 is that it comes with an 8' cord and can be Daisy chained for up to 24 feet of coverage with 3 other stardard CM-1000's with stereo plugs. See our DAC CM-1000 in our store if you want to daisy chain additional mic's to this CM-1000USB mic.

thank you so much, picture and all!  Do you use Casecatylst?

No.  I use Eclipse.

CM-1000 microphone  Here is the same microphone with the stereo plug end instead of USB.  And it's $39.99 at this site.  You can buy these to daisy chain into the USB version of the mic.  

My computer doesn't have a separate mic and headphone jack.  It has the combo port.   And I want to monitor my audio during the depo.  So I use the Andrea Pure Audio USB sound card and I plug the CM-1000 into the Andrea.  It is the BEST audio I have ever had.   I use it with Case Catalyst. 

I now have six of these microphones, and at arbitrations or large hearings, I have strung out all six of them.  It is so awesome!

I just purchased this same microphone off the website cdwsales@cdw.com for $52.15, and that includes shipping as well.  I've had ongoing audio issues.  I hope this microphone is my fix for all my headaches! 

Sandy, are you saying you've had ongoing issues with what, with the one you bought prior to the $52.15 one you just purchased? 
So are you saying you now have 2 of them?


You can save about $30.00 ($69.00 each) at this place (Executive Communications Systems).  If you buy two, you spent $140 as opposed to $200.00.




That's a great price, Mary Jo.  Thanks!

Janet told me about this microphone and I loved it so much, I bought a backup.  It's great and not all that expensive.  Love it!!

I just got a little smarter.  Months ago I paid $60 for the Martel Conference Grabber.  I could have bought SoundTech for $40 - and got a lot better quality,

So glad for the responses here.

I am interested in using this setup and was wondering if you could tell me if there is an advantage to using a USB versus the computer's round mic port, or vice versa?

Also, I would like to daisy chain, but am unclear as to what to use.

I could not find the DAC CM-1000 in order to daisy-chain.  Would this be what you would use to daisy-chain:

DAC CMA-5 Conference Microphone Adapter - New CMA5 DA-CMA-5
Or, from reading the postings, would I just need the USB CM-1000 (plugged into my computer, $69 model) and then the regular mic-port-jack CM-1000 (non-USB), $49, to plug into the USB CM-1000?
Hope that made sense.
Thank you.

For some reason, the sound on the USB CM-1000 sounds much louder and clearer.  You don't need an adapter.  You simply plug the regular, non-USB CM-1000 into the port on the back of the USB CM-1000.  Then you can daisy chain the standard CM-1000s from there.


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