Are they still in business?   If so, are they reputable and pay their reporters promptly?

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LegaLink was bought out by Merrill. Merrill is in business.

Thanks, Quyen.  Do you know if they pay reporters w/out a problem?

I never had any problem being paid by LegaLink. I have not heard about any problem with payment from Merrill. If there were any problems, word gets out fast in the age of e-communications.

I work with Merrill and they are fine.  You shouldn't have a problem.  I would, however, make sure the amount you get paid is correct.  Sometimes I understand there are issues.  When they send you a check, there is no accounting with the check; so you really don't know what you're getting paid for.  I still work for them, though.  If I have any questions or have a problem, I just contact the accounting department and work it out.

I still do the occaisional job for LegaLink (now Merrill) as a videographer.  I have had no problems getting paid within 30 days from them.  It usually comes at days 27-30.


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