Looking for a laptop with the BEST audio when using Eclipse

I have 3 computers - 2 Think Pads and 1 Fujitsu.  The 2008 Think Pad has the best audio ever and the new one is a hit and miss.  I've downloaded many updates and it's improved since I purchased it a few months ago.


The Fujitsu, I cannot take out on a depo with such poor audio.

I'm looking a 1 or 2 backups and would really like feedback on a computer with this feature.



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I've had Dells, Think Pads and now I have a Fujitsu.  I've had it for a couple of years.  I've always bought them through Eclipse and had them set them up for me.  I've had great audio with all.  My Fujitsu has good audio without my Martel and great with my Martel...found that out when my Martel battery died while I was taking a Chinese cardiothoracic surgeon, with English as his second language, I had to depend on the Fujitsu audio by itself

Thanks!  I bought my Fujitsu through Eclipse as well and they were unable to get the audio working properly so I'm not sold on that one anymore.  I use it to write emails LOL


Well, geez, that's not good.  What model is it?

It's a Lifebook E Series with XP.  It was purchased last year, so it's rather new.

The Fujitsu records very well with a Martel mic, but the playback speakers from the laptop are awful.  Net to plug in external speakers or use a headset to hear well.

You mean your laptop still recorded when the battery died with the Martel plugged in?  I thought that disabled the laptop speakers.

I have an older Martel, it runs off of a battery, the little circle ones.  The battery died in the martel, not the laptop, so  when I unplugged the martel, my laptop mic/recorder automatically kicked in. My martel plugs into the mic outlet.  And it must depend on the model, because my playback is really good too. 

Tell me more about the Martel, please.

here is the link for it...boy have they gone up in price since I first started buying them like 10 years ago!!! but I've only had to buy 2 I think in that time.

What model Fujitsu do you have, out of curiosity?


I have a Lifebook E Series.

so do I the E8410.  If you want to compare settings, let me know.

I use my Think Pad and not the Fujitsu for Eclipse.


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