Phonetically, it sounds like Carcasus and Lazmayo, but I'm getting nowhere with any variation on that.

Thanks for any help.


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Duh, that's "firm," not "form."
Cathryn, can you give any more information? Do you know what sort of mediation firm? There are many different "genres." ;-)
Haven't found anything yet, although the site and its various links are good to know about. I am wondering if it was mispronounced.

Onward (sigh).
I'm stumped too, Cathryn. I know an attorney up here who does mediation/arbitration whose name is Chris Lavdiotis and for some reason when I saw your "Lazmayo," that's what I thought of. But the firm he's with is Lombardi, Loper & Conant, which sounds nothing like "Carcasus." So, obviously, I'm not much help ;P Sorry!! Good luck.
I just went back and listened to the tape. He mentioned the firm name twice. It sounded like KAR/KAEUS/US (strong emphasis on middle syllable) both times, and Lazmayo and Lazamayo, respectively.

I am resigned to calling the attorney on Monday, but I'm still taking input. Thanks to all who are working to help.

BTW, this is a divorce case.
Drumroll, please...

Karkazis and Lazaneo.


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