I have a Gemini Revolution. My carrying case just isn't working. The zippers came apart at the seams. I am trying to find a new case, with wheels. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've looked at pictures of some of the Stenograph cases, but I just can't tell if they would work or not. I'm really struggling. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi, Kristin.

This might be overkill for your Gemini, but have you looked at the Tutto Bag?

If that's too costly (or really is overkill for you), then maybe stopping by a store that specializes in luggage might be a good idea. Find some nice rolly with good (as in, 'skate board') wheels, a lifetime warranty, adjustable compartments with lots of padding, and you're in business!

Good luck in your search.

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
they make smaller tuttos that are really cute.....I saw them at the convention and they came in different colors even, not just boring black. And they're much smaller than the traditional Tutto bags in the past. I looked at their Web site when I got home, and I didn't see the color availability that they had at the convention, but maybe they'll update that soon.
Glen funny you should mention the Tutto bags, we just set up a distributor ship with them. So we are now able to offer the Tutto bags. They haven't made it to out website yet, but I agree they are very nice, and I loved the new colors they offer them in.

Jason Pardikes
I liked the looks of it and I liked the extra pockets. My concern was lugging it up and down stairs. I have heard that is the difficulty with those bags. If you have someone who uses it and finds that isn't a problem, can you let me know?
I had a Tutto Bag probably 15-20 years ago, before they adapted them for CRs. The great thing about the Tutto is if you get a box of exhibits (and it happens often enough for me), you can put your box right on top and away you go.
Heidi, check the photos I just uploaded on my page. That's what I use. I got it for $50-ish at TJ Maxx. It's
just a small carry-on luggage case. It works perfectly. As you can see, I turn my pods inward so the keys are facing each other. That protects them from touching anything else and getting banged around. Tripod fits along the bottom. Kiosk fits in the outside pocket. I put my netbook either in the black case if I want to take all of my
peripheral stuff, or I put it in a large handbag and put the cords in with my writer on the end. Two end pockets fit
all flashdrives and cables.

Hope this is helpful for you. (The black case came from Costco - $80-ish.)

I'm about to go back to either my hard-sided Stenograph case (that I put in the back of the closet after I left a tuna sandwich in there for a week. I hope the smell is gone.) or back to the carry-on that came with my Mira. I'm finding my Mira gets too banged around in the ones that you can buy off the shelf without the added protection for keys, etc. It's just not fun pulling it out of the case then then starting to write to find out that it must have gotten jostled and they keys need to be tweaked, again.
Veronica -
I am pretty new to this site. I cannot figure out how to see your pictures! Can you navigate me? I am really curious about your case. The Kiosk is what stumps me in buying a case. I want to be sure it is protected as well. Thanks for your help.
I was THIS close to buying the Tutto Bag a couple of days ago when I went to the NCRA forum and saw all the people talking about how you can't bring it up and down stairs easily. I have bought a tempoary fix of a bag by Solo at Staples. It top loads and is harder than most cases. It is like an attorney's bag. Everything fits but there is no room for error. I needed to do something fast or I was going to have to duct tape my case together.

Thanks for all the advice. I do appreciate it.
Kristen, send me your email and I'll email you pictures. I'm not sure how to work the site
to view pictures. I can see them when I'm on my page, but beyond that I'm stumped.

I've got a Tutto too. I'm liking it a lot!
How do you do on stairs and escalators with it?


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