Does anyone know what a multimedia processing error 13/30 error is and how to fix it?  I don't know if it is related to the audio changes I made this weekend at ESPN in Vegas.  My scopist can play my audio, but I cannot.  And, of course, I forgot to note the default audio settings so I can't seem to switch them back.

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Hi, Kristin.

When I'm faced with a weird error like that, I Google it.  I did (with some tweaking) and these are the results.  They all seem to lead back to Advantage Software!


Did you change the codec to SPEEX?  I remember getting an error once I changed to SPEEX and then tried to play an audio file I created with the prior codec.  I'm not sure if that's where you're getting the error.  If it is, you can change the codec back to the prior one to play the audio files you want to play.


I do like the SPEEX codec.  Once I was done with the old files, I switched back to SPEEX.

Kristin, nice to see you.  If you can't solve this, go see Seattle Laptop Repair on Aurora.  They're the best and very smart.  I go to them with all these strange issues.  Scott

There is another option.  Change your computer to an earlier time.  When something gets really messed up on my desktop or laptop, that is what I do.  It changes everything about your computer to an earlier date and time.  You will need to go to your Control panel.


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