I would have loved to have been there, but couldn't make it. Was in an all-day job and have a rush to work on tonight; so don't have time to watch the broadcast. Did the motion to resind pass or fail?

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It is a third-party online voting service.
The Motion to Rescind got 66 percent of the vote and the Board only got 34 percent. So we won the popular vote!!!! We got 241votes and the Board only got 162.

We needed 66 2/3 to win.

Stay tuned! There's more to come!!!!
Democracy at work!!!
Hi, Sam. I didn't see a "reply" button after Marge's post, so let me just mention that with NCRA going forward with the umbrella association mentality, reporters need to get into the "realtime" mentality. I got a lot of comments this past weekend, good and bad. One of them was my comments about quality realtime ... what I call Real Realtime, that is, realtime someone can easily read and use and would want to PAY for ... scares reporters away from attempting realtime because they know they'll never be that good. First, that kind of a defeatist attitude is preventing many gifted realtime reporters from entering the field where we NEED gifted realtime reporters. And second, if realtime was so easy, everyone would be doing it and then it might be more understandable that it would be free, gratis, used to attract business. But realtime is a specialty that can only be effectively provided by a handful of reporters in the country. Any marketing expert will tell you that when something is in high demand but short supply, you - do - not - give - it - away. When you can do something few others can, you can charge more for that than your competition. And when you can do something that NO ONE ELSE can, you eliminate your competition. It's simple. Go see Anita Paul, or buy Mark K's recent book (fantastic), sign up for Magnum Steno, or get yourself into some form or fashion of realtime training. It's the only hope for machine stenographers who wish to rise above the coming onslaught of all means and methods of making a record. A transcript is a transcript ... but realtime is NOW! And there's no better time than RIGHT NOW to start on the road to realtime excellence.

Oops. It was 60 percent we got.
And a BIG THANK-YOU to everyone who travelled to DC to vote!
Marge and Mary Ann,

Thanks for sharing the pics. I loved seeing them!!

I wish I could have made it this year. :(
And a huge thank you to all who travelled to DC to vote in person!!!!! We won the popular vote because of you!

There are more plans underway so stay tuned!!!!!
Hi, Marge or Mary Ann,

I must have seriously misunderstood the amendment to allow reporters to become members without an endorser. I always read those proposed amendments at least three times before voting because I know the board is very sneaky. Could you clear this amendment up for me? I would have definitely voted no if I had thoroughly understood that this was opening a back door for non-Stenographic reporter to become members? Is the concept of "joining without an endorser" meaning that they don't need any kind of certification?

I was also very upset that scopists are now allowed to become student members of NCRA! I know we have a lot of scopists on this site, and there are some that are great at what they do, but hey, you want a student member status, go to court reporting school a declare yourself as a court reporting student. This is just an avenue for NCRA to get more money! Typical!


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