Hi all,

I have a particularly saaaaddd case I just can't seem to proof or re-live.  I've never used a scopist but am looking for one now and could use you in the future too.  I'm on CaseCatalyst.  It's about 60-80 pgs long. 

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Dawn, if you join the group CaseCAT Send Work Request, send out your need for a scopist there and you'll get way more response than just posting here.  There are hundreds of scopists in that group.  That's what it's there for.

If you join the group and then hit the tab "Send Message to the group" and send your message there.  You need to include your email so people can contact you.  You have no contact info above.  I'd do it for you but I don't know your email.  Here is the link to the group:


Thanks so  much.  Will do that now.


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