Does anyone know this term?  I think I have the urosepsis part right but I'm not sure about the "esche, ische"?  I have attached an audio clip.



infection we call that a colonization and sometimes that colonization is quiescent, other times it causes a urinary tract infection or can get back up into the kidney where it gets in the blood stream and then it's esche urosepsis.


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I did a search and found this long technical name escherichia coli urosepsis.   I think you heard an abbreviation of that.  You have the urosepsis just fine.  The other word is shortened.   You really did a find job yourself.


Ooh, Karen.  Thank you so much.  I really appreciate it.

Hey, did you ever go by "Bubbie" Karen on this site?

 I can't hear the esche, but I found this:


Although a variety of bacteria can cause UTIs, most are due to Escherichia coli...

Thanks, Janet.  How was the depo?  You survived!!!  We had a little spring rain today but it was still nice.  Just got back from taking Buddy for his evening walk.


Oh, the depo was a lot of fun.  The witness was German, talked with marbles in his mouth, and constantly interrupted and spoke over the questioner.  Right out of Kyung's court reporters' diseases.

I was going to say, you should add a new disease for over there.  Enlishotomy, the inability to speak the English language, something like that.  Those are murder.  Great that he added the interruptions too.


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