Hi, everyone, well, I'm taking the RPR this Aug 16th, and was wondering if anyone had a list of jury charge briefs they could send.  I graduated and took the Texas CSR in 1998, and now I can't find my jury charge briefs.   Thanks so much!!

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Hey, Karol,

You might also check out the brief group on this site.  You can also search by using the search window at the top right-hand side of the screen.


Karol -

Can you tell me which words you're interested in a brief for?  I can tell you how I write the word.  I breif tons of words and make up briefs daily on my jobs.

Well, I remember I had a list in court reporting school and it made the jury charge part of the CSR so easy, but I really can't remember what they are.  Actually a few of them, like "you are instructed," "members of the jury," preponderance of the evidence, etc., etc., but there's the one like, "willfully, feloniously and unlawfully." 

Maybe someone out there has a  list of jury charge briefs from court reporting school!!!!


Hi kelli. This is clara. I was wondering what material you used to study for the RPR written knowledge test?

I'm not an RPR, so I didn't study for it.  I just use a ton of briefs.  Thought I could give you some.

Hi karol. Oops. :). I also have the same question if you don't mind.

Hi, Cara, so sorry but I didn't take the RPR written part.    I bought a book that is supposed to tell you everything that will be on the test, but just scanned through it since I didn't take the written.  I was thinking since I've been working for so long, that most likely I would be able to figure out the answers.  Have you been working as a reporter?  If you have, then I think I better study up when I take the written part because it must be harder than the Texas CSR written part of the exam.   I'll hopefully be taking the next written part of the RPR and I'm so excited to see they're going to start doing it differently, if I understand correctly, like you can take it at home,, maybe?   Can you briefly describe what kinds of questions, like tricky questions?  Was it multiple choice, but unlike some multiple choice questions where it's easy to figure out the right one, they throw in a couple of answers to the questions that can throw you off?   You know what I mean?  

Hi, Karol,

I'm considering starting a group on this site for people who are working towards passing tests.  Would you be interested in joining a group like that?  Let me know.



I don't mean to intrude on your conversation but I took the RPR test and studied the right material for it but all of the questions did not apply to what I studied for. I don't know where to look now. To study for the RPR WKT. I failed the test.

Why do you need to be an RPR?  Isn't being a Certified Shorthand Reporter enough?


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