What is he trying to say?  I know horoscope can't be right, but that is what he said!

MR. SMITH:  And we need -- well, we need to have a discussion off -- on the record because we need to review that as well and I know there is some stuff that you guys need to give us for the pictures that were taken at the vehicle inspections with the horoscope and we still haven't received that, and I need to look at those pictures as well.

Talking about inspecting a car for water leaks.


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I'm thinking holoscope or holo scope, referring to holographic scope.  Try Googling those terms.


Hi Deborah,


I think this is it:


Fiber optic borescopes or fiber-scopes have been the preferred method used to look inside car engines through spark plug holes to inspect for valve damage after a timing belt breaks.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2070822

Janet, that has to be it.

OMG, Janet, you are the BOMB.  Thank you, thank you.  This was a JFH, three people talking at once for nine hours, didn't matter how many times I asked them to speak one at a time.  I am so tired of scoping it and I'm only about a third of the way through it.

Janet is correct!


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