Hello my CSR Nation friends. I am in desperate need of your help to find a brief for, at some point, at some point in time, and at that point. They come up all the time and it takes me forever to write them out, especially when i am testing. My teachers use these phrases all the time!

As always, thanks a million

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I write
"At some point" TUMT
"At one point" TUPT
"At that point" TAPT

Don't have one for "at some point in time" but I am sure someone will offer something good!
I always used T*AP for at that point and T*EUP for at this point, and I didn't have briefs for at some point or at some point in time, but you could use STAOEUM for at some point in time and STOEUP for at some point. Those are just made up ones, and my dictionary was FULL of my "own" briefs! Good luck!

SPOIN = at some point
SPOIM = at some point in time
TAPT = at that point
TAPTD = at that point in time
TAPT at that point
SMAP at some point
SMAPT at some point in time

Bubbie Karen
at some point/at some point in time = SNOIT/SNOIM
at one point = TWUP
at that point/at that point in time = TA*P/TA*PT
at the point/at the point in time = TEP/T*EPT
at this point/at this point in time = T*IP/T*IPT
at what point//at what point in time TWOI/TWOIM
at what particular time = TWIPT
at what time = TWAOIM
at the time = TET and also mistroke TEPT
at that time = TAT
at this time = TIT
at that particular time = TAPT
at which = T-FP
at which point = TWOIFP
at which time = TWIM
(happy to help)


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