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At the NCRA/CLVS event near Washington,DC this past Aug. I was introduced to MyLegal.com. I joined, only I'm not seeing much activity and kinda feel limited with it. Has anyone else tried the site out? Maybe I'm missing something or maybe it is just twitter in a suit. Would love to know what others have experienced with it. I tend to like CSRnation more because it reminds me of those moments when the attorneys are out of the room and the court reporter and myself can speak more freely about our professions and the attorneys we work with.


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Hello, Chris. How are you? It's so nice to see you posting here at CSRnation. Glad you like this site! I have no affiliation, but I personally think it's one of the very BEST sites for reporters, videographers, scopists. The Cover Depos area is fantastic. The ability to create Groups is wonderful as well. And the free flow of information to be found here at CSRnation is matched only, in my opinion, by the Depoman forum.

I gave the fledgling mylegal site a try, adding some comments, starting some threads. I have my own feeling about why the site hasn't taken off, despite the offer to win a new car by signing up the most members, and despite the best intentions of the gals who are The Powers That Be. Also, just my opinion, but I think the intent and purpose of each forum is quite different. I think of CSRnation and also Depoman, I have to say, as sites I can come to to ask questions, make comments, point out issues of interest to my fellow reporters ... especially to commiserate about and learn FROM the misfortunes of others, and generally keep informed about trends in reporting around the country, good AND bad. CSRnation is a superb kind of meeting place for that, and CSRnation and Depoman are the two sites I visit regularly, and by that I mean daily if at all possible.

So ... I just don't see mylegal as that kind of a site. If you notice the forum area, for instance, you'll see that there are separate areas for everything from reporters to notaries, process servers and private investigators. It's not a court reporting site, IMHO. Reaching out to all those other areas of law/litigation support, I would guess that TPTB are hoping that it turns into a go-to site for expertise in all kinds of areas, not just reporting. To draw in daily hits from all those variety of litigation support folks, they've got to offer something that all those folks would be interested in, or looking for. Articles on the expertise of, say, realtime court reporting, or how to work with a videographer for the best results, or something like that, might be found there. If it turned into a court reporters water cooler site, I don't think that would be the desired result.

So yes, Chris, to answer your question, I did try it out. And now I'm back reading and posting on my two favorite sites, CSRnation and Depoman. Do I occasionally visit other sites? Yes, once in a while. I even check for new posts on the NCRA forum about once a month or so. But home is where the heart is, and I sure heart this site ... and glad to know you do too, Chris!


Mary Ann


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