NONPAYMENT by Advantage Court Reporters in Los Angeles, CA

I've seen a previous post about them not paying. I've e-mailed them several times now and received no response. I called, and Rosy told me to talk to Edlyn, the owner, but she was out of the office at the time. I know there are other people they have not paid.  I asked Rosy why they are not paying. She said that they are having trouble getting paid by the defense attorneys.  That's not our (the reporters') problem.  That was not the agreement for payment that we reached.  They owe me $1,375.85 for two jobs: January and March.

I remember Richard Teraci and several reporters posted about them not being paid either.  Anyone else not paid by them and getting the runaround?

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 Let me just start by saying that you should consider yourself lucky that you are only owed $1,300.   After the usual runaround from Advantage (Rosy and non-existent Edlyn), I went straight to the noticing and copy attorneys and asked for payment and they informed me that all bills were paid.  So where's the money? 

My collections department is hot on Advantage and we are in court proceedings.  What they are doing is criminal.  Get the word out.  Do not accept any work from Advantage Court Reporters.

There are a number of us that have been duped by this agency.  We have an email group that has been started that has Golden State and four other independent contractors on it and we are adding names to the list.  To date the amount due to the list is well over 20k. Anyone can contact me at to ask for more information or to add their name and claim to the list that we are creating.  

I don't know what really can be done, especially since they are not a CSR-owned company, but we're stronger in numbers.  This is just another reason to have reporting agencies owned by a CSR.

Thank you so much for your reply, Kurt.  I have gotten the same runaround by Rosy. Edlyn has gone MIA. And now they are not picking up the phone at all nor returning voice mails. Edlyn is in hiding, trying to avoid being served.  There is an alternative, and if someone has retained a lawyer to pursue these claims, we can discuss that.  I will e-mail you at the e-mail address you provided.

The list is growing. I would not do business with them. We are just completing all our paperwork to file a suit. Don't be surprised if they close shop soon and try to open under a different name.

Sad to say, but I know a reporter who wasn't paid by them so she decided to bill the work comp carrier adjustor herself. and she was paid for the job in two weeks. so that means four months later when she was asking for her check, they must have been paid. now the reporter is no longer calling them!


I finally received a check for $1,367.

Glad you got your money.  


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