We have a reporter that we would like to put on heavier work and would like to see her notes.  We requested her notes, but she does not know how to separate and send them.  She is on Winner software.  Could anyone help with this?

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I have Eclipse software and I don't know that I could send my notes either.  Not sure how that's done.  Have her contact her tech support with her software and they'll know how to do it.

If she goes to her main Winner screen and then goes to Production at the top, there will be a drop down menu.  She should hit Scan, and another screen that says Scan32 will appear.  All of the steno files will be listed there.  She can highlight the one she wants and then hit Print at the top.  It only allows for printing of a hardcopy.  

I know you can do it on Case Catalyst in PDF format.  Never heard of Winner software. 


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