Hi, if anyone is planning on going to the NCRA convention in NYC, please consider buying a ticket to win the quilt which I have donated to the Foundation. It is 100% cotton, you can wash and dry it easily. I donated one last year (my masterpiece) which Nancy Varello won and it raised a combined $1700. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you, Jane LaPorte, Columbia, SC. JGLAPORTE@aol.com

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You should post a picture.

I loved that quilt!   I did buy tickets, but obviously not the lucky one ;)   

As an ex-quilter I know that that's a tremendous amount of work, even if you love it.  Thanks for donating them to raise money for NCRA.  

Do you have a picture of it?  Can't make it to convention, but would love to see it.  I'm a quilter myself and always contribute to donation quilts. 

I'm a quilter!   Would love to see a picture, too.  I can't get to the convention, though.  :(

Jane did post a picture of the quilt.  It is in a different discussion called "At Your Request a Photo of the Quilt."  :-)

Jane, that is a beautiful quilt.  You are very talented.  I can whip up a masterpiece with fabric, but I do not have an eye for the patterned fabrics and their placement together into a quilt.  I will definitely purchase a ticket.

Thank you so very much.  Have a lovely day, Jane

My sister in Virginia is a quilter.  I love quilts!  I wish I had your talent!  I will buy tickets if I can without attending the convention.  It's always at a bad time with kid's school for me, though I would love an excuse to go to New York!  Never been!


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