O & 6 (maybe more), 1 RT Hookup (maybe more) -- Get paid for O & 1 (maybe O & 2)

Pharmaceutical patent case, so you can anticipate that it's going to be very technical and difficult. It's a contract case, and all the defense attorneys have decided that they're going to split the cost of the O & 1. So, yeah, they're going to SHARE. You MIGHT be able to get the other side to order one copy. You MIGHT have to provide more than one RT hookup.  Doesn't matter how many RT hookups you end up getting on this job nor how many copy orders on the defense side. You will ONLY be paid for ONE O & 1 and 1 RT hookup, and maybe one copy if the other side orders it. So, an O & 6 (maybe 30 or 100) with 1 (maybe 30 or 100) RT hookup(s) job, but you will ONLY be paid for an O & 1 (maybe 2) and ONE RT hookup.

Are YOU going to be the reporter to take this job?

Do the right thing. Do YOURSELF, fellow reporters and the industry as a whole a favor: JUST SAY NO!!!  Make that a HELL NO!!!

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thanks, Quyen,

you said it much more eloquently than I did!!


most (if not all) civil courts IN FLORIDA, use audio recording.  and transcripts are offered at very low rates.  I don't know what the quality is. 

I got to report a court hearing in court in Florida once.  Court staff didn't really seem to care that I was there.

people in the audience watched me like I was going to do magic tricks.  The atty who hired me barely acknowledged me except to give me his card and tell me what number we were on the calendar.  that was my first court experience anywhere!   interesting, breaking down my equipment in the middle of a hearing.

I was doing depos in florida, and I'd say about 50% did not order transcripts.  I got the impression that's the way they do it there, if what they hear in the depo is not pertinent to their case, they don't order.  at least that's my impression....I was only there a very short time, weeks

We get taken advantage of because sometimes we don't know it's going to happen until it's too late!


But when the situation is clearly spelled out for us beforehand and we still choose to accept the assignment under those conditions, which was ultimately the case here, then . . . shame on us.

Hey, guys -

You know we can't discuss rates on this website.  It's a definite no-no.  I deleted a couple of posts where I saw rates. Please dont' do that.  

sorry, I didn't realize that was a no-no.


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