Does anyone know of a Texas website that posts all official positions??

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I do not believe there is "one" website that posts all official jobs in Texas.  I believe there are county websites that post jobs and a federal site for the US federal court. 

Below is an example of one county position posting:


Hi, April,

I am going to suggest you contact a reporter on Facebook.  Her name is Kensie Benoit-Monk.  If you search, you should be able to find her.  She has a group called "Steno Life."  She is in Texas and knows a lot of people.  I bet she could point you in the right direction.  

Also, Amanda Leigh is on this site and again she is a great person.  She is a freelancer, but she may be able to help you.

Let me know if that helps.  I have one other contact that may help, but try those first.

Good luck to you.



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