I sent out a rough . . . to four attorneys.  What I've just found:

"Nonetheless, that's actually vagina used by some RPs to get the work done without the delay that is sometimes involved with obtaining Water Board approval."

How it was supposed to read:

"Nonetheless, that's actually a strategy used by some RPs to get the work done without the delay that is sometimes involved with obtaining Water Board approval."

I'm SO embarrassed I could die!!! Ugh! :(

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OMG.  That is so funny.  We've all been there.  They probably won't even see it.  Mostly the paralegals read that stuff anyways, not the attys.  You're probably safe.  

I took all the bad words out of my dictionary in case I made an error like this.  The times that I will write penis, vagina, the F word are very rare.  If they do come up, I'll be aware of it and put those words in before getting a rough out.  I'd rather have them not come up when they should instead of them coming up when they shouldn't. 

I was trying to write the name "Handcock" once and I drug a key and it came up "hand on cock."  I learned my lesson after that fiasco.  Happens to all of us.  LOL!!

"hand on cock" -- OMG, Kelli, LOL!!!

Problem is, I don't read my roughs. I literally scroll through the transcript to look for untrans and messy spots, but I never read for content. That would just take too much time. I have the curse words in my dix, but I put an asterisk in so I will have to deliberately hit that stroke. So far so good on that.  Now, inadvertent private body parts . . . I dunno.

Had that come up in a transcript out of the blue recently too.  Fortunately, it wasn't on a rough for me.  Time to change that brief! 


I know a reporter that had a realtime job and she was writing pea gravel and the text came up pee gravel and the attorneys started laughing.

It's not that I have actually done this, mind you, but I have thought before that it might be a good idea when doing a rough to make an index and glance through it quickly.  A word like "vagina" or something else out of the ordinary might jump out at you from an index list if you got lucky ~

Hey, that's a really great idea!  Thank you!

If anyone read that, they probably got a good laugh.  From the looks of the content, it was probably the only interesting thing in the depo!

Lol, Janet.  You're so right.  What was the giveaway?  "Water Board"?  :)

This is a VERY contentious case. Hopefully, that gave it just a touch of levity that was very much lacking!

Exactly!  I don't think there's too much excitement happening at the Water Board.  Nothing they'd admit to in a deposition, anyway.



You're right on, Janet.

Believe me, Quyen, they got a good guffaw when reading it. 

Like Kelli, a long time ago I removed all curse words.  For slang terms (they come up rarely in the work I do) I either write with an asterisk or have to double stroke them.  Don't need that kind of translation magic.

Trust me, you will laugh about this, too.  


I think it's hilarious & they will, too. Take the high road - if anything said, just tell them you were making sure they were paying attention when reading the transcript. :):) We've all done that, or worse!

That's a good one. Sorry, though. Yes, I agree it gave them a laugh if they even saw. I have odd outlines for my swear words too, so I have to really think about hitting them right, like FRUK, for example. But then too I've had my software translate something wrong, like it took SHOEUT and turned it into, you guessed it. So back on Eclipse, I had Translation Magic turned way down, and on CaseCAT I have TrueStroke turned off.


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