I am researching online schools. I have found many. I was curious if anyone has any feedback about simplysteno? Thanks!!

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Hi, Natalie!

I just signed on with Simply Steno! I'll be starting my program sometime next week, hopefully!

I'm super excited to start it! Have you seen their Daily Schedules? They tell you exactly what to do, for how long, etc. It's like having a personal trainer... but for court reporting!

Marc, the Owner of Simply Steno, is also very, very helpful! He's so easy to reach. He asked all my 101 questions... and then some! With such patience and clarity.

They also have a great online community, so you never feel alone.

There's also a cap -- about $3000 -- if you turn in all your assignments on time. You can rest assured that you will never go over that amount! And if you don't pass a speed level by the end of that term, you do NOT pay to advance to the next term. You don't pay unless you advance in your speed! How awesome is that?!

I seriously am happy that I found Simply Steno! And I can't wait to get on it sometime next week! I SAY DO IT!!! :D :D :D

Hi Christine,

I am also researching on-line schools as well. What made you decide on Simply Steno? I'm also looking into CRAH?

Since you're in California like me, let me add...

I was worried about my academic courses. I still need to fulfill my technology hours in order to eventually take the CSR in California. But, from my understanding through Marc at Simply Steno, you don't even HAVE TO go to an NCRA-approved school. You ONLY need to go to some kind of court reporting program (like Simply Steno!), get up in your speeds, then become an NCRA member 4 months prior to taking the RPR exam. THAT ALONE qualifies you to take the RPR! THEN once you pass the RPR exam, you're automatically qualified to take the CSR exam in California! You don't have to take all the academics since the CSR recognizes the RPR academics!

Make sense?

Simply Steno is geared to take you to the RPR. But for us in California, we need to pass the CSR to work as an office or depo reporter. Therefore, if you take Simply Steno's course and do the above (which is what I'm going to do!), by the end of it all, you'll have BOTH an RPR and a CSR certificate... and all by doing it through Simply Steno's help... online... from the comfort of your own home!

I'm so excited I no longer have to commute! I'm so excited to also get back to finding a full-time job, and then taking the Simply Steno course from home in the evening. I'm a night owl. :)

If you want more info on it, you can email Marc directly on Simply Steno... or me at stenonerd@gmail.com.


I have heard many good things about simplysteno. I plan on simplysteno when I am done learning theory. I really like that I can do it at home but also to be following a detailed schedule. I would email Marc and get his feedback. Good luck!
Sounds great, but moving is not an option right now.
I don't have any firsthand knowledge of Simplysteno, although I have heard very good things about it. Having said that, you are a California resident, and our CSR is a different animal. As far back as I can remember you could sit for the CSR if you were an RPR, but it is IN MY OPINION not the most efficient way to gain entry. These tests are very different and require very different skills. It is akin to a skater having to win a figure skating competition in order to gain entry in the speed skating events.

RPR prep is not the best course of prep for the CSR. California schools will better prepare you for the California test. There are a handful of inexpensive public CR schools with online programs.
The problem is there is only one school where I live, and moving is not an option right now.


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