What do you think about the reporter being reimbursed for parking by the hiring reporting firm?  So firms offer to reimburse with receipts and others do not. 

Also, should the reporter get 100 percent of the rough draft page rate or only a commission split when taking the job for another reporting agency?  I just feel on some jobs these days, that are so so fast, and/or technical, I need to spend much more time on a draft than just getting out the steno and fixing the spots I mark during the depo to fix.

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You will never get an agency to agree to give you 100% of the rough draft rate.  You never even know what the rough draft rate is!  I know I don't

I only work with one firm that does not pay for parking.  I also don't go to San Francisco for them because they will not pay for parking.  It's super expensive. 

I have to say I feel very fortunate because I make a very good living, so I don't want to be too nitpicky with this stuff.  I just think that it all comes with the terriroty.  You just have to deal with it.  If you have a good enough reputation and you're getting the premium work, this stuff really doesn't matter.  Be happy you're in the 1% of earners in the country and be happy!! 

I think you need to take a step back and look at the big picture.  We do well and there are people making half of what we make and working twice as hard.  Like it or leave it.  That's the bottom line.

If the reporter has to get the rough out directly to the attorneys and my office does nothing, he or she gets 100%.  If it is the time of day that it can be handled through the office or if I want to handle it later in the evening, we take our percentage.

I always reimburse parking.  Lots of law firms will validate parking.  It is a rare agency that doesn't pay parking, in my experience--but I know they're out there.

What would the agency need to do regarding a rough?  Usually, it's sent directly from the reporter to the attorneys, cc'g the agency.  I've seen an agency or two that wants to do it themselves, and I think it's nonsense.  As far as the payment, I've always assumed I'm getting the normal 70% or so.  I don't think any agencies are paying me 100% on roughs or anything else.

If I can, I want to handle the roughs in-house--want to put them into E-Tran.

I would imagine they are paying you 100% on things like waiting time or extra pay for before-hours/after-hours, additional pay for weekend/holiday work, anything that is inconvenience pay, considering you are the one inconvenienced.

I was just curious about roughs because I know some reporters get all of it if they send them out and distribute them and others only get their percent.

Regarding parking, I have always felt it's the reporter's responsibility to pay for their transportation (unless it's an out of town job, then I charge some mileage) and their own parking.  Law firms at least where I am almost never validate parking anymore and it's getting really, really expensive.  I don't mind paying it on an all day job, but it's a lot to pay when the job is only 2 or 3 hours and you have to pay the all-day parking price.

I see it as an expense to be passed on to the client, if the law firm does not validate.  I just add it to the invoice.  In Dallas, it's not that much--and a lot of the better law firms validate.  I don't expect the reporter to pay it--and I don't want to pay it.  If I am working for someone else and all I am getting paid is per page, I don't want to crank out several of 'em to pay for my parking.  Gas to get there (unless 50 miles or more one way), I can handle the gas--although I do know of one very large agency that charges (back in about 2007, at least) $15.00 trip fee for videographers.  I've always wondered if the videographers got that fifteen bucks (lol).

Taking jobs in San Francisco costs me 32.00 a day.  That adds up quick.  I do expect to be reimbursed for that charge.   If you even take 10 jobs in San Fran in a month, which I easily do, that's $320.  That's crazy to have to pay that.

Amen, especially when the client would pass it on to their client and no one (except some court reporting agencies that tend to "think small") would even raise an eyebrow.  The reporter should not be having to pay for parking.  Don't want to pay me for parking?  Send a cab. /(

Okay, then what professions who do subcontract work do you think should be reimbursed for their parking when they do a job for somebody?  $32 a day is a lot!  I guess I see the justification for getting reimbursed for parking when the job is downtown, where it's the most expensive to park, and law firms, even the best ones here in Denver, do not validate for the reporter anymore. 

If you are only being paid on a pages structure, then anything that is out-of-pocket should be invoiced.  Since most reporters do not invoice agencies, then the reporter needs to be reimbursed for these expenses.  Anything.  If reporter charged a flat rate for services, then they'd just work those expenses in.  If reporter charged, say, a hundred-dollar admin fee, then any expenses would be included.  That's the way I see it. ;-)


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