I'm considering purchasing a new writer.  Haven't heard much about the differences  pro or con between the Passport or Diamante.  I am using Eclipse 6 software with Elan Mira at the present time.  Too much stacking and split notes!

Anyone opinions would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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Between the two, I'd pick the Diamante.  I know tons of people, including myself, that have had problems with the Passport.  I write realtime all the time and the Passport registers strokes that you didn't even hit and all the time.  It's a disaster.  They changed the name recently saying it's a "new passport."  My girlfriend bought it and hated it and Eclipse would not give her the money back.  Be careful!!!

Thanks Kelli!

   I guess it's still too "new."  I am surprised that they are not being more supportive of their product.  Word does tend to get around.   Stenograph is having a special going on right now for the Diamante.  It's very tempting.  I just need to make the plunge.

I've had two Diamantes and they're fine.  Now I have the Impression writer and it's my favorite of all.  I've had it a little over a year and absolutely love it.  It doesn't split my strokes like the Diamante would all the time.  You might want to add the Impression to your list of new writers.  It's like writing on air.  Love it.

I have a Diamante.  I have had it a little over a year.  I have never tried the Passport.  I am pleased with the Diamante.

I've only heard of one person having a lot of problems with the Diamante, but I've heard from a few who have had trouble with the Passport. I would go with the Diamante.

People seem happy with the Procat machine, the Impression, also.

I'm very grateful for comments on writers.  I guess I should have started out with "which writer" and not just made it between Diamante and Passport.  I just assumed those were the two top favored writers.  After reading Kelli's and Patricia's posts I'm seriously considering the Impression.  

The problem I have with my current writer, Elan Mira, is stacking, split strokes, and problems with the number bar, no matter how much I adjust.  And ALSO, they're terminating their maintenance contract after this year.

I think it's shocking that reporters aren't given a better guarantee on these writers.   A try-out period would be nice.    They should stand behind their product.   It's such a huge investment and it's so important to have a good writer if you want to do realtime, which more and more is becoming a must.   

With the Impression, you get to use it for a week - 7 days - and if you don't like it, send it back and you get ALL your money back.  I know you don't get that guarantee with the Diamante and the Passport, and they all cost the same.  I've had the Mira and it stacks and splits strokes.  The Diamante splits the strokes more than it should.  The Passport is just a disaster.... don't even know where to start.  The Impression rarely will stack or split strokes, but it does split the strokes, but like I say, it is a rare event.  I'm a realtime writer and my output has never looked so good since I bought this machine.  I've owned all of these writers because I always want the best equipment.  I've found the best.  I'm only mentioning it because I want other reporters to reach their maximum potential and have clean realtime.

I had the Mira, Lightspeed, Passport and now the Diamante.  For comfort, hands down the Lightspeed, but I just couldn't get it to work good enough for me, adjustment-wise.  I wish I knew about the Impression before I got my Diamante because it does have more stacking and splitting issues than I would like to see.  I almost never got stacking and splitting with the Passport, but I had other issues with it.  So if the Impression has minimal splitting, that sounds great to me.  Seems they ought to be able to make a writer that can compensate better for the left or right fingers not coming off the keys at the same time so there aren't so many stacking and splitting issues.

Keep in mind the people being mentioned here who had problems with their Passports may have the original model, not the newer Passport Touch.  I've owned neither writer (I use a Lightspeed, my personal favorite) but I know someone who got the Passport Touch not long ago and loves it.  It's a much nicer looking writer than the original Passport, which was kind of boxy with its sharp corners.  I understand the Passport and Passport Touch are supposed to be very good at controlling stacking and splitting. 

I also know plenty of reporters who have the Diamante and are happy with that too.

If you have a state convention coming up, that's usually a good place to get a hands-on with the different writers.

I use the Impression.  But you should try to get to a convention and try all three.  It's really personal preference.

Hi, Jacqueline.

If your Mira is giving you fits, send it to my friendly neighborhood steno repair ninja:


He could even fix that "stuttering Mira" problem people talk about every so often.

As for the Impression, check here:



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