Past President of NCRA joins digital recording company

PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 2:57 pm    Post subject: Employment News Reply with quote

SueLynn Morgan, a past president of NCRA and the Oklahoma Court Reporters Association is leaving her position as an official reporter and moving on to a new career.   She is joining 

 FTR, a digital recording software company.


She was one of the members of NCRA that pushed for inclusion of digital reporters to be members of NCRA.   So apparently she feels digital is a viable option and has for some time.


It really feels like a betrayal to a lot of people (and let's face it, it is).   I am sure she probably sees it differently, probably as an opportunity to make some money.    But in reality she is turning her back on traditional court reporting, in my view.

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No, but I wish I was!  Hopefully there'll be other spies there who can report the goings-on!
Drats ...!  Maybe Lisa Migliore will go ....


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