Does Anybody out there using Winner software know how to turn the box off just for the 1st page?

I tried inserting a section break and doing it that way but it's not working.  Thanks!

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I meant to say turn off the line No.'s for just the first page.  Sorry about that

While on the page you want to turn line numbers or the box off in, do CTL-E.  A window will pop up, and after a second it usually goes right to the tab you want and you can check what you want to do, such as turn off the line numbers.  But you do have to do a section break first or it will turn it off for every page.  Hope that helps.

Thanks, Christina!

Has anyone on here purchased Pro Cat's new writer, the Impression?  I'm intrigued by it and would like some feedback from others who have it or have test driven it.  I haven't heard much buzz about it so I'm curious.  Does anybody on here own one?  If so, what is your impression of the Impression?  I think it came out late last year.

ProCAT was nice enough to let me take home an Impression for a weekend for a test drive.  While I can't afford a new machine at this time, I would definitely consider purchasing one if I were in the market for one.  It has a nice color touch screen which is a good size without being too big to fold down if needed when your writer is under a table.  The best part of it is the touch.  The keys are very light, and the touch is great.  I have my Stylus shimmed so that it is as shallow as possible.  With the Impression, I didn't need to adjust it to the most shallow depth to write on it.  I use the number bar, and with my Stylus, I feel like I have to pound the bar to get the numbers out.  With the Impression, I did not have to pound on the bar.  Numbers were so much easier to write.  I am a stacker, but I honestly don't think any machine can truly eliminate everyone's stacking.  Just my opinion.  But I did feel that my writing would probably improve on this machine.  

I have to add that I also use ProCAT software and have loved my Stylus.  But a couple years ago, I did get to test drive a Diamante during a presentation.  I sent an email off to ProCAT letting them know they needed to come up with something like the Diamante because it really was a much-improved steno machine.  The president of ProCAT called me and asked me what I liked about it and what I didn't like.  I was happily surprised that he would do that and feel that he really listened.  The Impression definitely can compete with the Diamante.  It's nice to know they listen to their clients.  

Thanks for the feedback, Christina.  I really appreciate it.  I spoke with the rep in my area about the Impression last year.  I was really impressed with the looks of it and the touch screen feature but I want an opportunity to write on one to see how it feels before considering a purchase.

Would love to rent a ProCat Impression for three months if anyone has one.  Have they been out long enough for someone to have one to rent?


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