looking for a small agency or individual to process my transcripts in California.  anyone??

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Hi, Christine!  There are a couple of production houses out there who do this and do it well.  For instance, one that comes to mind is The Varallo Group http://thevarallogroup.com/.  Do you need to have a California-based agency process your transcripts?  Nowadays, that can be done quite efficiently from any location!


Thanks so much for your help.  As a matter of fact, I have contacted Varallo.  The only reason I thought

of needing a California firm is the postage pricing from Massachusetts (which is where they are located)

to California.  But, I guess, other than that, no reason at all.  Since you're the 3rd person that recommended

them I think I'll give them a  shot.  I had acquaintances that did it right here in Laguna Niguel...LegalEast (Tammy Tayles and her husband) but I can't seemto locate them.


Thanks for the input.  It's very appreciated.

I believe the company you are referring to is LegalEase.  I have a phone number for them, but I don't know if they are still around or not.  I haven't heard from them in quite a while.  The number is 949-348-0454.

yup that's the number I have and, no, they are not answering...so sadly, I guess they're out of it.

Thanks for the reply

Have you tried Louie at Reporters Connection in Los Angeles?  I don't have the number handy, but you can find him online.

There is also Reporter's Management & Consulting at reportersmanagement.com.  They handle everything for you and are located in CA.  

thank you!!!


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