When asked to read back, should you put yourself on the rcord or just put a parenthetical in the record? Feed back would be lovely :)

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Parenthetical only.
I agree with Jennie, parenthetical only.
If it's video, I do (Record read as follows:... then quote the read back, indent as a parenthetical, ending with the "). Reason being, a LOT of video depos are sync'd with the transcript nowadays. It's easier to sync everything up correctly if you put it in the record.

Or if there's a LOT of read back, I also quote it. Reason being, since I get paid per page, while reading back I am not being compensated for my time. If they utilize a lot of my expertise/time in me reading back their record, I should be compensated (either that or they should be ordering a realtime hookup). Quoting the read back is the only way I know to be compensated for my time in such situations since I'm not making money by writing but, obviously, I am providing a service. Now, for those folks that just turn or their recording (don't even get me started), no, you can't quote the read back.

I have a new client who warned me he likes LOTS of read backs. I asked him, "Why don't you just get a realtime hookup?" His answer, "You charge for the realtime hookup, don't you?" "Yes, of course." "That's why." (I have my doubts whether this new client is a "keeper.")

Just a few read backs, I just do (Record read.)
Judy, if you put in everything you read back in quotes, that does get you quite a bit of pages with this new client.

I have a question for you. Did you have Randy sign something for taxes with regards to being able to expense out your costs to him? I need to do something about that, but I'm not sure which document it is.

Also, it may not read well if the readback was two pages after the actual question. The reader won't know what is referenced without flipping back to the actual question. If you put what was actually read where it was read, the response will make more sense.
No, I haven't had him sign anything. I think Christine Kirely has done some research into what's needed. Ask her maybe?
Do you have contact info for her? I tried searching the community, but nothing came up.

(Record read as follows:
"Q When did the situation
get to the point where you
felt you needed to do
something about it?")


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