I am a scopist and would like to sell my Eclipse software.  All of my current clients are on Case and they give me all the work I can manage, LOL. I have version 6 and it's the keyless version - the support contract will expire mid-April. I'm aware a buyer would need to purchase their own service contract, but I'm not sure how it works otherwise. Would I just send them the installation disc? Would I need authorization from Advantage Software?

If anyone has done this or knows how it works, I would appreciate any info you can provide.

Thanks much,

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You probably would need to contact Eclipse for all the details on what you'd need to do.  I'm on Eclipse but I have no idea what Advantage expects.  

Thanks, Kelli.  I went ahead and contacted them, and they sent me the info I need :-).  And for anyone else considering it, there are transfer forms you will need from Advantage.

Yeah, that does not surprise me at all.  They're not going to miss a dime of their money and will watch it pretty closely.


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