So more and more attorneys are introducing e-mails as evidence. Along with e-mails there are e-mail addresses.

So let's say you have an e-mail address that is Would you capitalize it like this Or would you leave it all lower case?

What if the attorney said, who is Jane Doe? How would you write it?

1 - Who is Jane Doe?
2 - Who is JaneDoe?
3 - Who is janedoe?

Ah, but what if the e-mail address is What if he asked, who is jd123?

Does it really matter? Probably not. I have a tendency to write all e-mail addresses in lower case. I dunno. It's what I do. What are you doing?

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I put email addresses in transcripts as I would to send an email. I would expect my email to show up in a transcript as, all lower case.

If a question is asked about who stillreporting is, again, I would put it in lower case.
I usually write e-mail addresses in lower case. Most reporters I've worked for do it, so I think that's the norm!
1. Who is janedoe?

If the e-mail is attached, I would write the e-mail address exactly as it appears in the e-mail. For example, if the address is, I would write: Who is JohnDoe? If it were, I would write: Who is jd132?

I don't know that it really matters, but I like to write things exactly as I see them, if they are in print.
I have seen it both ways. I usually use lower case for e-mail addresses, but for websites, I make an exception for acronyms, i.e.,

I'm still confused with e-mail/email and website/Web site. We've got gmail, but then there's e-mail, or is it email? There is the World Wide Web, but "worldwide" is one word in other settings.

If the e-mail address is a person's name with correct spelling, this would be a tough decision to make as far as how to write it. I would choose either Examples 1 or 3.
Jpeg? jpeg? or jpg?
I keep it simple: emails and websites are all lower case in my trranscripts since technically email addresses and website names are not case sensitive. And when an attorney says who is Jane Doe, I ask to clarify between the email address or the person's name.
and file extensions I express in my transcripts as .wav; .jpg; .bmp; .org; .com; .net, etc.

If an attorney says: is that a JPEG? I write: Is that a JPEG?
If he refers to any part of the email and not the whole email, quote it. If he says the whole email, no quotes and it should read as it would be typed to send an email.




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