I'm looking at switching my software. I'm currently using CaseCATalyst. Can anyone give me an opinion whether Eclipse is as easy to use as Case? What about StenoCAT?

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Eclipse is very easy to learn, in my opinion. I've been using Eclipse since 1991, and I love it. Once you've learned the basics, you can work on advanced features to improve your realtime even more with programmable phonetics, translation magic, editing from the steno machine. It's a great system.
There are better ones out there than StenoCAT IMO.
I'm on Case. I've never lost my audio file when my computer locks up. I've even had to take the battery out but still haven't lost audio.

Case is a great software. Why are you wanting to change? I mean, if it is paid for and you are on the latest version, why spend the money on something else, causing you to have downtime to learn something else?
Jennifer, Rhonda's right. If your CAT system's paid for and you have current support w/updates and are running the current version, what about CaseCATalyst is making you want to change? I'm on Eclipse, but I started out on StenoCAT. I switched for the ease of realtime alone, but I'm glad I'm with Eclipse. Again, what are you looking for?

I was a CASE user for several years (I was originally a Premier Power peson) and had support on speed dial for all the problems I had. I did switch to Eclipse about 14 months ago. They both have good points and bad. Eclipse has more good points than bad in the long run, for me. I was able to switch over and use it within a week of buying it. I was very lucky that a good friend of mine is a broadcast captioner and had made the switch from CASE to Eclipse, so she walked me through it. Eclipse has a user group meeting every spring, and it is the best hands-on training. I went to my first one this spring and plan on going back. The help files that come with Eclipse are great. I think the biggest problem I have is knowing what CASE called something, such as include files, and then trying to think of what the Eclipse name for the same thing is. Although, everyone I have met that uses Eclipse has been great about giving me their e-mail addresses or helping me with silly little questions that it really is amazing. Headers, footers, and indexing are much, much easier. None of those reveal codes to deal with! I wish you luck in your decision.


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