I wanted to sell my Smartcat software so I spoke to a representative at Cheetah International who told me I could not sell it at a profit. I would be legally entitled to donate the software but could not sell it. I asked her how long this policy had been in effect and she told me six years. Has anyone heard of this policy?

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Sounds like bullshit to me.


Thanks for your opinion, Mary Ann. The problem is Cheetah won't support a resold product, so the new user would be out of luck as far as support goes. And this policy wasn't in effect when I bought it 20 years ago, and Cheetah was under different ownership then. This is a bummer.

I don't think they can retroactively make this new policy apply to you. Every terms and conditions/contracts would be worthless, if so.

Quyen, they might refuse to provide service to a new owner, though. What do you think?

What was the resale policy when you bought it, if any? Just my opinion, but I think it should remain the same.

How are they going to know if you "sold it" or donated it? 

Excellent point, Kerry. ;)

I think to transfer the license to a new user you have to sign an affidavit stating you did not profit from the transaction.

One good donation deserves another.

Well, you would only be profiting if you made money off of it.  So let's say that you bought your software for $4000 and sold it for $3000.  I don't see a profit there.  In fact, it's a loss and you should write it off on your taxes.

Just saying.

Hi Margaret,

Have you sold the software yet?


Sherry, I did have someone interested, but I don't think it's a good idea to sell it because the buyer would not have support. It just seems like a lot more trouble than it's worth.


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