I am thinking about purchasing a Revolution Grand steno machine (made by the Neutrino Group out of Denver, CO. ) I have it right now and am tryng it out. I kind of like it. Can anyone give me any comments, pro or con, to buying this machine?


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Thank you so much. This was very helpful. Think I'm going to go for it! It's so comfortable.
Tracy, you got all my input in the thread linked above, but I wanted to say I've now had it for around four months and I still love it. I will never go back. I have been hanging onto my old 8000 in case I need a backup, but I can't imagine I'd be able to use it anyway so I'm planning on selling it. As I said in that other post, I REALLY love the vowel keys being raised up to the level of the other keys. Huge difference for me. And the best part about it is that if your arms start to get sore, you just adjust it a little and you're good to go.

This machine sounds very interesting, especially when my shoulders and hands are killing me at the end of the day. Can anybody tell me what this machine costs?
$4495, which is $500 cheaper thatn Stenograph's machines, and I think most of the others. From my understanding , they all cost right around $5000.

The nice thing about this is you get the wireless accesss, you get audiosync with it, and you get the computer component, which is an entire computer onto itself. It is small, but you load your entire court reporting software onto it, and you can also access the web, etc. So you get a lot for your $4,495.
Thanks, Ladies!
I can tell you our court systems go for $4495.00, and our Captioner's systems are $2,395.00.

In addition thru the end of the month we are offering great incentives, 0% financing on both models with 50% and 50% over 18 months on the court, and 12 months on the Captioenr's model. And on the court system we are giving $705.00 in additional options, the preferred protection plan a $495.00 value, the Wireless mini keyboard so you can edit directly on the machine $100, the high gain usb mic $65.00, and 4 port thumb hub $45.00 this will get you virtually everything we do and give you a court system that will do everything you can do with both your machine and laptop.

Not to mention making your hands arms and body feel just so much better.

FYI I am attaching out electronic marketing materials for you review as well.

And since the question this time of year is are we debuting a new writer at National, the answer is no we are sticking with this one. And the next question is can i get a better deal at national the answer is also no. This is the best deal and will be better than annual convention.

Awwww man those goodies make me jealous! That's an awesome deal, Jason! I really like the new catalog. Only thing I don't agree with is it says spend 90 days on it and you'll never go back.. more like a week for me!! Have fun at the convention.

Well your at 90 right. :) Have you tried using your old 8000 for a day? I DARE YOU! :) Just kidding I don't want you to hurt.

Thanks for the compliment.
I wouldn't even try it! I tried it after a week on the Grand and it was the most awkward thing ever. My fingers were tripping over each other. Can't believe I contorted my body to fit that thing for so long.

It;s the bad relationship thing. You never know how bad it wa until you find something better.

Jason, thanks for posting the catalog. I'm going to check it out because I don't know what the diff is between the court pkg and the captioner's. I only take depos and I use a paperless Elan Mira right now that has bluetooth and writes to a memory card.

The Court in what your looking for. The Revolution Grand is paperless, but you'll love the UMPC technology, and you will get your backups with court system. The Captioner's does not provide any backup system.

Of course I am happy to answer any specific questions you may have.




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