I am thinking about purchasing a Revolution Grand steno machine (made by the Neutrino Group out of Denver, CO. ) I have it right now and am tryng it out. I kind of like it. Can anyone give me any comments, pro or con, to buying this machine?


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oooh, SD. That's one of the places I keep thinking about moving to but it's so darn big I can't figure out where is a good place to live that's not crazy expensive. Are there any such places, or are all the cheaper areas places you wouldn't want to live? And either of you know how the depo world is doing down there? Thanks!

Well, where are you from? The Black Hills is the nicest part of the state to live in, of course, (western South Dakota), and while it is a bit expensive, not that bad compared to the rest of the country. It is still South Dakota, after all. Wages are not very good here.

There are two officialship positions opening up soon and I know of two freelancers that are going to apply for the positions, so there may be room for another freelancer in Rapid City!
Lol, sorry. I see SD, I assume San Diego. Crazy California people think we're the center of everything, don't we? Sorry! Thanks for the reply though!
San Diego is great and I like the ocean, But South Dakota is closer to my heart being more of a mountain kid. The Black hills are truly awesome. Plus where else can you carve giant heads into the sides of mountains.

Don't feel so bad, Heather. I thought you guys were talking about San Diego, too :)
I kind of figuered there was a misunderstanding. Nobody wants to move to South Dakota! :)
Lol, glad I'm not the only one, April. Yeah, South Dakota is very beautiful, but waaaay too inland for me.

Hee Hee! Heather, I was going to say something, but I thought better of it. You're right. All of us Southern Californians think we have it great! (We do, though - you gotta admit) I rather like Newport Beach. :-D

But you see, I've never lived anywhere else, so I really don't know what I'm missing. We're hoping to do some motor-home traveling in the near future so we can see some of what we are missing.


Anyone on Facebook, there's a Gemini Grand page now! :)
that's weird!
That's good!


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