I have to give Donna Bleskin a referral as well.   I've tried a few and she's one of the best.  I wish she were available more often or they would make a few more like her.  Her email is bdonnaleah@aol.com.

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Hi, Charles.  I have my own main scopist I use, and from time to time I have the need for someone on a daily or immediate delivery job.  I think it's wise to contact scopists from time to time just to get them on your call list, on your radar, and do a job from time to time BEFORE the emergency hits!  I have to say, though, that years ago I worked with a phenomenal scopist who was out of ... now, I can't pronounce it, but Puyallup, Washington state.  Her name was Laura, and she held down a regular day job.  The girl was nothing short of amazing.  Maybe if she happens to read this, she'll come back into the profession.



Mary Ann,

If you hear from her, or if anyone knows Laura, please tell her to contact me.  I have a big class action coming up and a few dailies over the next couple weeks.  I know my regulars can handle it, but I could use another good scopist, someone that I don't have to wonder if I need to be checking the audio on his or her work.  c.carmody@deposition1.net

Thank you.



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