Software issues that terminate realtime - all software programs please respond.

Here is a question. Are any of you having issues with your reporter software program kicking you out of realtime or kicking you back to your desktop during realtime or shutting down during realtime or any other problem that interrupts realtime? I'm looking for the prevalence of occurrences, or not. My software tech support claims this is a phenomenon that can occur at any time with any newer software/hardware, and has to be dealt with generally - kind of the nature-of-the-beast argument.

Is it me, or does that sound ridiculous?

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I have had an error occur during realtime with Eclipse, Vista, using USB adapter out to LiveNote. It would freeze and wouldn't work again unless I completely shut down the computer & restarted.

I started using XP again on a different computer & haven't had problems. I have no idea what it was.

I'm on Eclipse. My software used to freeze on me. It's never kicked me out or sent me back to my desktop. That would be bad.

The only time it might happen is perhaps if my software key got joggled, but it doesn't boot me out. I just make sure it's in correctly.
I'm on XP and have never had the problems with my older version of the software while using it with XP that I'm having on the new version. So same operating system, same software, but they changed it to be a Windows-based whereas before it was a DOS program. I don't do LiveNote or any litigation support with it; just realtime.

Anyone else?

Many times this is a driver issue and related to using a usb adapter. I've always used a pcmcia card and never had a problem. You may want to look for a pcmcia card, or if your computer is newer, a serial express card.
Stick with the good brands, like quatech.
So if I'm using an I/O USB to serial adaptor for my writer, that may be an issue? I have been using it for a while, and it hasn't been the culprit so far.

Veronica, is this with your gemini? If so, you should try it with the USB or the BT and see if it's still having a problem. The only time I had a problem with my realtime freezing is when I was using a cheap USB hub to plug in my key. Was crashing at least once a day. Bought a Belkin and haven't had a crash since. How is your key connected?

As for your tech telling you this is "normal," no way. There's no way you should be crashing every day, and I would demand that they try to work through the problem with you. You pay them a lot of money for that exact service. First I would try connecting your writer without that adapter so you know the problem is with the software and not the hardware, and then I'd start being a PITA. It's embarrassing and disruptive when you crash, and you shouldn't have to deal with that every day for the $$ that we spend on software. And personally, I'd be really annoyed if a tech tried to tell me that crashing every day was just "the nature of the beast."

It happened to me on Eclipse, usually on long jobs. Turning off virus protection seemed to stop it for me.
That is what caused the last round of shut-downs. And I run with internet off and anti-virus off also. That stopped that particular issue. But now it's something else. I'm just writing along and it kicks me out.

Still trying to figure it out.

I'm having this occur on almost every job. It's to the point where I expect it to happen. I'm just trying to figure out if it's a hazard of the business or whether my software is the issue. That's the purpose of this thread.

If I was on Vista, I would have shot myself long ago. My husband has it. Talk about a pain in the arse!

But the HP update thing is a good idea. I generally ignore those things, but I better get current.



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