I remember attending a seminar where personal information (there were a few items that were NOT supposed to be on the record) and it seems like there was some responsibility by the reporter to redact those few items...?  I've searched the Internet to try to find the information.  Any and all help is appreciated (not sure if it's CA-specific or nationwide).

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I have never taken anything out of the record unless it is specifically stated by counsel on the record.  I've also never heard of this rule in California.    Also, I've never heard an attorney ask for someone's SS# ever.  That's sort of strange.  If I was a witness, I would decline to give it to anyone.  When I go to the doctor, dentist, whoever, I always leave that info blank.  No one gets that info if I can help it.

Kelli, in workers' comp they always ask for the SS number. Sometimes it's even on your job worksheet.

I don't have a positive answer on this. I don't think we're legally required to redact that, but I know some reporters ask if the attorneys if they'd like it redacted. I like when the attorneys go off the record to ask that question.

Maybe that's because I never taked Workers' Comp jobs and wouldn't know.   The jobs I'm on, that never comes up. 

I also have done a lot of workers' comp cases (Northern California), most of the time we go off the record. I only redact if the attorneys ask me to keep it off the record.


HIPPA and similar local rules and/or regulations, I always redact such information unless the transcript is filed under seal. For bank account numbers you could leave the last four digits.


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