Okay. I need some advice on a steno bag. I've always used the Stenograph carrying case on wheels ( I think the only one they make) for the past six years, and it's been fine until the adjustable handle thing that you pull up to roll it broke. I've heard of several reporters before say that they use a Samsonite suitcase of some sort that's similar, or maybe some other brand, that fits the machine, etc., as well as the Stenograph case, just adjusting the padding out of the bags, etc., to make everything snug. Can anyone please tell me the size or type of Samsonite bag I would need to get, or any other type of luggage anyone has had any luck with. I'm just ready to try something new, other than that case, and have no choice now. But I really need to know what size, best results people have had, etc. If anyone can help with the info, please pass it along. Thanks!

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I've had a gazillion cases and the one I have used for the past couple of years and am really impressed with is the Pengad Transport http://www.pengad.com/shop-wheeled-cases/index.html. I have literally taken this thing all over the world and its construction has taken all the hard knocks I've given it and has protected my equipment well. It is a side loader, rather than a top loader, which I find to be a better option because you lay it on its side to open it and you're not sprawled out all over the place like you are with a top loader One thing I particularly like is that it consists of a main bag and a zip-on laptop bag that zips on the front of the main bag for your laptop..

I have the main bag packed with my steno machine and tripod, my writer's AC adapter, Bose headphones, extension cord, the Transport Tray (sold as an accessory with the Transport bag - see the picture in the link above), a laptop cool pad, my yellow legal pad, exhibit stickers, business cards, pens, etc.

The zip-off laptop bag has my laptop, its AC adapter, and a little ditty bag with my software key, my aircard, my wireless kit for my writer.

The bag (either with the laptop bag attached or with it taken off) fits nicely in overhead bins in regular sized airplanes (not the regional jets, but then NOTHING fits in those). Also, if you are taller, like I am, the handle on the bag extends higher than some so you're not clipping your heels with the bag as you're walking.

Hope that gives you an option to think about.
Thank you all for answering. I had no idea that Pengad case even existed. That is awesome!


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