My setup/system:

Vista 32-bit


285 GB HD

StenoCast Red

Output to Windows 7 and Windows XP loaner minis

Diamante USB-wired (ppffffttt) to laptop

Eclipse key and wireless mouse through USB hub

Okay, so the RT output/feed works fine, but sometimes, when I edit from my writer (choose a conflict, global, etc.), my laptop will kind of stall/hang/freeze or whatever.  What happens is, the Eclipse window goes completely white, and the Windows buffer/timer icon thingy goes around in circles, and my laptop is doing nothing.  What I'm writing stops showing up on my laptop and the loaner laptops.  I just hold my breath, keep writing and pray it will come back, and it does, and then all that I've written gets "caught up" on the screen really fast, like the system regurgitates. It REALLY FREAKS ME OUT when this happens! 

It's even worse when I edit on my laptop.  The buffering/lagging could be anywhere from 17 seconds on the short end (yes, I actually counted it out) to over a minute.

I called Eclipse. They told me to disable my antivirus. I use(d) System Mechanic.  There's no way to disable it, so I just uninstalled it.  That has helped somewhat, but it has not resolved the issue.

Does anyone else have this problem?  How to fix, please?  Before I have a heart attack on a job!!! :(


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Do you have your Translation Magic set to a high number?  I remember having that same thing you're describing happen when TM first came out and I had it set too high.  That's been fixed, though, I'm pretty sure.  If your version you're using is an older one, try turning the TM setting down lower, and that might help.  It's like it's using too much of the computer's memory and bogging it down.  You could install version 5 and try that too :)  You can have both versions on your computer at the same time, so you don't have to commit 100% to version 5.

Eclipse tech told me to set TM at 15 and that that's standard.  Is that too high?

That doesn't really sound too high.  I think mine was at 50 or whatever it defaulted to when TM was first put into the software, and it really bogged down my computer.  I've got mine at 0 now so it only tries to find a word to use for untranslates.


When you have one of those delays, you can press Ctrl Alt Delete to go into Task Manager and look in the Processes tab to see what's using up all the memory.  It might be something else that's running in the background other than your antivirus program.  That should give you an idea what needs to be disabled or uninstalled.

I've disabled a lot of stuff at startup and uninstalled a couple of things.  We'll see if that improves anything.

In the meantime, I've just ordered a 15.6" HP from Costco and am crossing my fingers that everything will work great once I get it set up. Just wish setting up a new laptop with Eclipse and everything that I need weren't so freakin' time-consuming.  :(


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