Stenograph says I have to pack up my writer myself for the retrofit!

Mary Ann -

I hope you read this.  How do I package it up?  Stenograph is so cheap, I tell ya!  What sort of box do you use and padding so it doesn't get damaged?

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Buy a box the right size from office depo or someplace and put your writer inside the canvas casing it came in and

then put bubble wrap around it.  It will be fine.

I have sent my writer to JM Steno several times.  The box was provided by JM Steno.  The box is almost a perfect cube.  It has styrofoam (soft cushy stuff) cushing on top on bottom and on sides that fits perfectly.  The (soft cushy stuff) FILLS in the box perfectly. The soft cushy stuff is about two inches thick each piece.

Well, I'm not sure where to buy "soft cushy stuff" to fill in around my writer.  I think I'll just put it in its case and take it to UPS and have them pack it for me. 

Stenograph acted so put out to have to retrofit my writer.  The guy on the phone, you could tell he didn't want to deal with me.  They have the worst customer service I think.

I reuse the box it came in.  I put it in the case with the foam rubber it came with and then put it in

in the box.

Mary Nelson hit it exactly.  I save the box it came in and use that.  I actually put the writer into a Jet Bag, then the Jet Bag goes into the box it came in.  There's that black foam that's on all sides, and it's packaged up securely in there.  As far as Stenograph's customer service, there are some wonderful things about Stenograph and their service, and there are some just maddening things.  When I was back-and-forthing my writers to have the retrofit, yes, I had to pay for that - but that's to be expected.  Stenograph was GREAT about emailing me a mailing label.  They've got their stuff together in that way.  When I had issues with my 2nd writer retrofit, they kept it for a long while, almost 2 weeks, which I thought was g-r-e-a-t, did troubleshooting or whatever they had to do until it was absolutely perfect.  They gave me a notice that it was coming back, and it was all good - everything arrived on time and fixed correctly the second time, whatever they did.  I actually didn't ask them what they did to get it to perfection, it was just great that it was perfect.  Now, the only issue I would have with Stenograph is actually the same issue that I've had with Eclipse from time to time.  It's the same issue I had when I had a Mira writer that machine-gunned and stacked and was just awful.  I know for a fact that others have reported the Boing-Boing-Click phenomenon with a retrofitted machine.  It's not new.  It's not unique.  It happens, and reporters are reporting it.  My big issue with Stenograph is when I called them to tell them they were going to have to fix my machine again, they gave me this blink/blink kind of wide-eyed response of, Oh my goodness, we've never HEARD of that.  Could you explain it again .. ???  Yeah, right.  At this point, with so many others reporting the Boing-Boing-Click, no way they aren't aware and weren't at that time.  I can assure you at this point they can't possibly deny it happens.  BUT ... Happy Ending for me, and that is that they fixed the machine and restored it to perfection!

Good luck, Kelli!


I called because my newer Diamante splits my strokes like crazy.  I have it at -3 for less splitting.  They told me I have to stop adjusting the keys, which is BS.  Some keys don't show up so I make them more sensitive.  He was saying I can adjust the keys and have it split or stop adjusting the keys and put it back to default settings and then it won't split the keys.  I guess I have to pick the lesser of two evils, my keys not showing up when I hit them or splitting strokes, which has become pretty bad.  When writing realtime on an all-day job, it probably does it 25 times in a job, which is way unacceptable I think.  He also says you can't have it on a short depth stroke and that's why it's doing it.  What?  I don't even have it on the shortest depth stroke.  He was coming up with all sorts of excuses. 

Finally when I told him this is my second Diamante and my first one never did this, he decided maybe there is a problem and agreed to have me send it back to Chicago to be looked at.

I save the box it came in.  Kept my Smartwriter box for 20 years, LOL.

I didn't keep the box.  I should have I guess but never thought that far ahead.  Dang!!

Am I the only person a little put out about the fact that I have to pay forn the retrofit? I'm assuming you guys are talking about making the Diamonte wireless, right? I would have thought that since I carry a service contract on the writer, that should cover it.

No, the retrofit I'm talking about is making the key stroke shorter.  The older Diamantes have a longer depth stroke and the newer ones have a short stroke.  There is different retrofits, though, I found out yesterday.  Making the machine wireless I think is one.  I don't care about that too much.

Service contracts are to repair something if it gets broken, not to add features to it.

I'm sorry.  Soft cushy stuff is foam rubber.


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