Do you have the Stenograph Metropolitan wheelie bag?  If so, how do you like it?

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Hi, Susan,

I do not have the Stenograph model.  I know a lot of reporters have the Tutto bags.  Recently I have heard of one top-notch reporter that says she likes the "Wide and Tall" Tutto bag.  The price is excellent right now because they are on sale.  If I needed to purchase a bag, this is probably what I would go with.


Wide & Tall Office On Wheels

I have a Metropolitan bag.  LOVE it.  Bought a companion bag made by the same company for days when I have to take extra stuff, but in the Metropolitan, I have my Diamante, tripod, MacBook Air, two iPads, router, MiFi, digital recorder, exhibit stickers, and a crapload of cords.  On most jobs I'm able to get everything in the one bag.

Thanks for the info, Rhonda.  I wanted to get someone's opinion on it re how much room it has.  Can you tell me which companion bag you got?  


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