Hello, scoping experts!

I have recently completed my scoping training through Professional Stenotype Careers, Inc. I need to arrange a 1 to 2-month internship to hone my skills.

I am looking for help finding a court reporter who does depositions who would be willing to let me work with them. Can anyone suggest reporters I can contact or how to go about finding one?

I am also looking for suggestions on which scoping software to purchase. Why have you chosen one brand over another?

Thank you very much for your time.


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Hi, Brytta,

A scoping internship sounds like the perfect opportunity for a reporter to train a scopist his/her way from the ground up.  I hope you get responses from reporters on this website who are eager to find a scopist who understands what's needed to do a good job their way.

As far as software, that's the all-important question.  Many of the reporters here use Case Catalyst or Eclipse.  There are other brands, but Case and Eclipse seem the most popular.  Perhaps you'll hook up with a mentor reporter here whose software you'll buy as part of your investment in your career.

Learning the basics of your software is very important and can't be overemphasized.  I'm an Eclipse user.  When I started using it in 1997, I did all the lessons in the tutorial.  That gave me the basic knowledge I needed.  It takes time to become proficient.  For me it was three months.  I'm now a trainer.  If you choose Eclipse, I'll be happy to mentor you on the software.


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