Set Auto-Lock to Never
Turn off Auto-Brightness
Turn on Do Not Disturb
Turn off iMessage
Turn off Fetch New Data
In Sounds, turn off sounds for text tone, new mail, etc.
Turn off Mail in iCloud
When I set up my new iPads, I chose to link my phone number to allow messages to sync to my iPad.  I wouldn't do that again for loaner iPads.  I also wouldn't add my email account.   I deleted all personal information from the iPads. 

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Thanks, Janet, this is great!  I love generous reporters willing to share their knowledge!

You're welcome, Mary. 

Thanks, Janet!  Great tips.  You're right.   UGG!  During a depo the other day, my gynocologist appointment reminder popped up on screen.  Attorney said, "Hey, Lori, your gyno appointment is this Friday at 11:00."  Yuck....  I fixed that one for sure.  :)

That is what I was afraid of, Lori. 

I saw a text message pop up on the attorney's screen yesterday, and I immediately went home and changed all options so that nothing interrupts.  Thankfully the text wasn't anything too personal, but that could be so embarrassing.  

I had Do Not Disturb on and thought that would take care of everything.  I kept hearing the email beep in the middle of the night.  I think I have it covered now.  :)

I love the iPads and iCloud.  After seeing how smoothly everything runs, I am seriously thinking about switching to an Apple computer the next time I'm ready for a new one. 


Is anyone here using an Apple with Eclipse?

Janet, I'm using Case Catalyst with an Mac.  I love it.  I have to run Windows Parallel to run my Catalyst software.  The only thing I'm using Windows for is Catalyst.  I use Mac for everything else, email, everything.  I'm hooked.  Don't mean to sound like a infomercial for Apple!!!!  Beware, Eclipse might not be too happy about you using a Mac.... as in they won't help much and blame everything on Mac.  Be prepared for that...

Thanks, Lorraine!

Hi Lorraine,

I just got the Mac desktop with intel core i7. I spoke to case catalyst tech support today and asked if I can use Parallel instead of Bootcamp, and he said CC won't work with Parallel. I know I saw a post that mentioned they use Parallel with CC. Just wondering if you've had issues with running CC on your Mac. Thank you.

He Suk

Thanks!  Very helpful.  I was on a video depo a couple weeks ago, and the attorney said, "Let the record reflect that it's Susan's son's last day of school tomorrow."  We all got a chuckle out of it, but I made I got really embarrassed when he said later that afternoon, "Let the record reflect that the cleaners are coming on Friday."  

If anyone is interested, here is a link to a 10-foot extension cable for your iPad charger.  It's $5.99 on Amazon.  I bought them from another company, but this is a better deal.  The ones supplied by Apple are way too short.


That is embarrassing.  I feel much better now that I have everything shut off. 

 I have the ten foot charger cables.  I keep my iPads plugged in the whole time to power cord.  Seems like iPads really go through battery quickly using realtime.  


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