Set Auto-Lock to Never
Turn off Auto-Brightness
Turn on Do Not Disturb
Turn off iMessage
Turn off Fetch New Data
In Sounds, turn off sounds for text tone, new mail, etc.
Turn off Mail in iCloud
When I set up my new iPads, I chose to link my phone number to allow messages to sync to my iPad.  I wouldn't do that again for loaner iPads.  I also wouldn't add my email account.   I deleted all personal information from the iPads. 

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But seems like there's always the attorney who yanks the cord out and then is outraged when it runs out of juice.

I created a special email account just for my loaners.

Anybody using myView with your iPads?  I am on Stenocat 32 and as of now that system doesn't have the ability to connect with iPads.  I'm considering purchasing myView

MyView doesn't work very well with iPads and I think you have to be on Eclipse to use it.  Not sure though.

Don't purchase MyView. Eclipse will be releasing Bridge Mobile soon. I've been using the development version. It can be used with the CaseView protocol for other CAT systems.

Janet, you're on Eclipse, right? I have a few questions, if you don't mind.

1) How is the development version of Bridge Mobile working for you? Any minor/major problems?
2) Is Bridge Mobile a part of our Eclipse service contract, or is there an additional fee?
3) How does it work: dongle, router/receiver, etc. Or bluetooth? Or is it just magic? :)
4) Are you using it to connect wirelessly to iPads and/or other computers or just iPads?
5) How many connections is allowed?
6) Does it refresh on iPads?
7) Does it refresh in CaseView?


Hi, Quyen.

The only problems I had were with the refresh turned on.  That would cause the feed to freeze.  I turned the feature off, and it has been working great.  They may have fixed that already.  I haven't checked recently.

There is no charge for Bridge Mobile now while in the development phase.  I don't know what the charge will be once it's a released product.

In Version 6 of Eclipse, go into the Realtime tab of your User Settings.  Add a realtime output.  Select Bridge/LawView/Teleview.  Then where it says "Comm device" select Connection Magic.  

Now bring up your translation window.  Select "Realtime."  Then you'll see a box under "Phonetic Translates" that says "Share document with Connection Magic."  Check that box.  (You have to select that box each time you want to share a file with Connection Magic.)

When you start your realtime file, a box will pop up "Session Settings."  The first one will be BR (Bridge) with your file name.  Create a password for the session and check the box "Publicly visible."  Another window is going to pop up for your ED (edit) file in case you want a scopist to work in the file as you are writing.   I haven't been using it that way yet, so I don't enter a password or check "Publicly visible" there.  

Now that you are set up, anyone with an internet connection and the password you created can go to this web page and view your realtime feed:

It will refresh using the Bridge protocol on iPads when it's released.  It won't refresh using the CaseView protocol.   There's no limit on how many users can view.  They have come up with a way to use it through a LAN (Local Area Network), but I'm using it through the internet.  I use a Clear hot spot and my iPads.

Here's the hot spot:


You can have eight connections to your hot spot.  My Clear plan is $35.99 per month, unlimited usage.  It's fine for emails and for the realtime.  The only issue I have is sending files.  It's too slow.  There's another plan for $49 (approx.) a month with faster download speed.  I'm thinking of upgrading to that plan.

I love providing realtime this way.  It's faster and easier to set up the viewing iPads.  All you have to do is go to the web page, find your session, put in your password, and view. 

If you have an iPad, just set it up next to you on your next job and watch it.  I think you'll love it.







I just read an update on the refresh, and it has been fixed in the most recent update.

Thanks, Janet. Update to Bridge Mobile or to Eclipse?

Update to Bridge Mobile.


I haven't installed Ecl 6 yet. Never bothered with 5. Are there any tricks I should know about installing 6?

I waited a long time before I updated to 5.  I went right to 6 shortly after starting 5.   Just upgrade during Eclipse's working hours.  I decided to go keyless.  I haven't had a single issue with that.  It's great not to deal with that thing!


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