Set Auto-Lock to Never
Turn off Auto-Brightness
Turn on Do Not Disturb
Turn off iMessage
Turn off Fetch New Data
In Sounds, turn off sounds for text tone, new mail, etc.
Turn off Mail in iCloud
When I set up my new iPads, I chose to link my phone number to allow messages to sync to my iPad.  I wouldn't do that again for loaner iPads.  I also wouldn't add my email account.   I deleted all personal information from the iPads. 

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Will they allow us to install Ecl 6 on multiple computers? I want to install on at least three computers.

BTW, there have been no issues going from 4 to 6.  I haven't been slowed down a bit.  I don't use Translation Magic or Auto Brief (whatever it's called), though. 

I'm noticing now attorneys are saying, "The reporter the other day had iPads."  I hope that doesn't mean I now have to invest a ton more money to get iPads when the netbooks work great.   I just said, "Well, my netbooks work great.  I don't want to have to invest more money in new computers when what I have already works."  She's like, "You mean you have to pay for this equipment yourself?"  Uh, yeah!!!

I got two used first-generation iPads for $350 and $300 thru Craigslist.  I only use them to loan to attys for realtime - work great.

Can't reply directly to your messages anymore, Janet. Thanks so much for all the helpful info! :)

You're welcome!   Let me know when you're up and running.  :)

Will do!


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