Any suggestions on the best model TV and/or monitor for doing SKYPE or videoconferencing?

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When I've done it, they use a computer monitor.

Thanks, Janiece!!  Works great on my laptop, but I want to go with much larger screen than my laptop.  My larger Vizio TV recognizes it just fi ne, but for the life of me, I cannot get my 42" RCA TV to recognize it from my laptop using HDMI port.  I've tried all 3 ports!  uggg.......thought I'd just spend the bucks & get an Internet/Skype ready TV & wanted to know what folks were using..THANKS AGAIN!

Hi, Rita,

I thought you were talking about for at depositions.  Are you using Skype for communicating with friends and family?  I use Facetime, but use either my cell phone or my iPad.

Yeah, I'm talking about depositions.  I Skype depos on my laptop in law firms, but want to use a larger TV screen in my office, more like videoconferencing - without going to the expense of videoconferencing equipment/software, etc., plus other side can be IN their office, as well, with Skype vs. V.C. 

Oh, I see.


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