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I was wondering if any of you who have a digital recorder (I have an Olympus DS-2400, w/o an ac plug-in, unfortunately) tried recording the audio feed from a videographer onto your digital recorder instead of it being recorded on a tape recorder that a lot of videographers still use (at least in my area). If so, could you tell me what setup changes and/or cables you have to make in order to this? I tried once and it didn't work.

I constantly ask videographers if I can get a digital file instead of cassette tapes, but still the majority of the videographers tell me they can only provide the audio cassettes. So until the transition is made on the videographers' end, I think if I can use my digital recorder instead of the videographer's cassette recorder, that should be sufficient.

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I have recorded a meeting in a large room with my little Olympus recorder for my own purposes, and I used a microphone called a Superbeam that I bought as part of my Andrea Pure Audio purchase (package deal on sale). The Superbeam is stuck to the top of my laptop screen on the outside case with Velcro, which is how the thing is supposed to be set up, with Velcro somewhere. The sound is good enough to hear people speaking in a meeting room with two sections of seats. If your recorder has good sound capability already, you should be able to pick up the proceeding with it. Otherwise, plug in a microphone and use it that way, just sitting the recorder by your laptop. Of course, test it first before you depend on it, but it worked in my situation. I bought the recorder for $59 on the Internet on sale, and it is a small silver recorder that fits in my hand.
Thanks for the suggestion. I just use my Olympus recorder w/o a mic, and most of the time the sound quality is good enough, but with a videotaped dep I still want to be able to get the feed from the video, as the mics are pinned right on the speakers.

In any case, I guess purchasing a mic for the recorder might do the trick.
I use an Olympus...sometimes I use it to record to my Acer because Acer sound cards are awful and sometimes I use it to plug into videographer. I got a cord at Radio Shack that is specifically for RCA connections (blue and red plugs on the end) with a small plug on the end to plug into the Olympus mic port. I also got an adapter for the video end just in case they don't have the RCA input/output. If the videographer is sending to a cassette, well, instead of plugging to the cassette, he can plug to your Olympus mic port -- usually is the same size. I think the whole setup was around $30...been a few months, but think that's it. But you will need one end with the RCA input, and then the adapter to revert it back to just the one prong...I'm not thinking of what that one is called at the moment. Over the years I have collected various adapters for sizes, so I just carry those to be ready. Be sure to let the RS person know this is for recording from a mixer (usually) to your tape recorder...not just a mic extension.
Thank you for the info!
This is what the cord looks like, plus the adapters are down below, that I got at Radio Shack.



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