I searched for this discussion and couldn't find it.  It may have been on the other site.  Some of us were posting views out the windows from our conference rooms.  

Today at the site I was at you could look down to another building's roof top.  They had painted a chess board on top of the roof.  When the weather is nice they have giant chess pieces that people use to play chess on this giant board.  Kinda neat.

This is in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

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Here's two views from the 11th floor of the West Palm Beach Courthouse.  One is The Breakers, a historic Palm Beach landmark.  The bridge you cross takes you from West Palm Beach to Palm Beach, where the Kennedy compound is, Trump's estate, Mar-A-Lago,  etc.  Just south is a mansion on the intracoastal.  This is the courthouse that held the trial a couple weeks ago of John Goodman, the billionaire who was convicted of DUI manslaughter.  He may get a new trial, now that a juror has announced he conducted "an experiment" the night before they came back with a guilty verdict.


Beautiful, Michele!   I'm in rainy Providence today.  Not worth a picture.  :)

How come these are two blank boxes instead of pictures that I'm seeing?  Maybe it's my lame AOL.  That's probably it.

Indian Wells Tennis Club.  Best seat in the house.  :)


Nice!   Last week I had that name pop up in a depo of mine.  Indian Wells Tennis Club.   And I live in Northern California!  

The funny thing is both of my attorneys for this depo were from Northern California.  Haha

Okay.  Might be same case.  VB?

Don't think so.  CW v. TV, LLC

Downtown San Diego, a view of Petco Park on a beautiful day

So beautiful, Stefanie.  Thanks for posting this. :-)

Nice.   Did you have a depo in a building next to the ball field?

Yes.  It's funny because this law firm moved and I  wasn't aware of it.  They used to be in Mission Valley which is 10 minutes from my house and no parking fees, so I wasn't happy about having to go downtown and pay for parking, but when I got there, I'm like this is so cool!!


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